Saturday, 21 July 2018

Leadership Blog Hop.


Hello and Welcome...

Today i thought i would share with you what i sent out to new Team members that
joined my team.

I always like to send a short email to welcome them and introduce myself, and
for the month of July everyone  received a handmade note book, a welcome card,
and a handmade Tiffany Style gift bag containing a little personalised  gift made by me.


While the "Boss" is away for the next 2 weeks, 
4 team members and myself  will be taking control of our 
facebook team group.

We each have 3 days to set fun challenges within the team, Inspirational Quotes, and
 Business tips and ideas.
But most of all, to have lots of fun.

Click on the link below to continue on to the next blog and take a look at what my
other team mates have been up,

Thanks for stopping by,
All from me for now

Hugs Pat x


Susan Simpson said...

I would have loved to follow the hop - unfortunately the next button does not work :(

Pat James said...

so sorry, this is my 1st hop something seems to have gone wrong, but thank you x